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    still getting error after arithmetic over/underflow


      Hello people,


      i am breaking my head over a problem that keeps givving a 'arithmetic over/underflow' error.


      I have a list where i can add products (standard value is $0,00) on the bottom i have a GrandTotal (also value $0,00)


      I want to perform this calculation: GrandTotal / outcome. Because GrandTotal is a $0,00 value i get a 'arithmetic over/underflow' error when i want to preview this form in pdf.


      I added this code:



      if ( form1.#subform[0].Body.GrandTotal >0) then

           GrandTotal / uitkomst




      this causes the pdf form to load without errors...i thought...FINNALY!!!!


      BUT...when i want to add products. i add the amount, then price per piece....and then i get the 'arithmetic over/underflow' AGAIN....with every product i add...

      When i add the amount there is no problem, but when i want to add the price i get this error.



      picture error.jpg

      (Terugverdientijd is the last calculation on page 2 on the bottom of that page)


      here is my pdf file.....




      i hope someone can help me with this so that i can finish this file...(because this is my last calculation and then it is done)



      many thanks