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    Stutter on Dissolves on MPEG2 Export

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      Hi, I'm exporting an HDV timeline from Premiere 6 at constant bit rate of 7.5mbps with the default settings of M 3 and N 15 in upper field since I'm working in HDV.  In a 14 minute dvd, it happens twice in the same spot every encode and seems to happen when there is movement combined with a dissolve.  It looks like a frame skipped.  on a 28 minute timeline, it happens more frequently.  When I view the timeline in Premiere, it is very smooth, no annomalies.  Any thoughts on what this could be, I have to deliver the DVD's on Wednesday?  thanks.  Jeff


      PS: it's actually a duplicate frame, it's a slyder shot so it's easy to tell that it stopped for one frame.


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