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    Photoshop CS6 Font problems


      I am experiencing an intermittent problem in Photoshop CS6. I have over 500 fonts loaded on my IMac. I'll be working on a project file and when I go to add text, the drop down menu will only show about a third of my fonts instead of showing the complete list. The only way to correct this problem is to shut down Photoshop and reboot my computer.   Most of the time this will give me a menu showing all of the fonts. I have had this Mac for over two yeas and have not had such a problem while using CS5. Is this a bug in Photoshop or do I have other issues ? I have downloaded the latest Photoshop updates.



      Equipment: IMac 27 with 3.06 dual core processor and 12 gig of ram. I am running Os 10.6.8.


      As this is happening more frequently and has become very frustrating, any help would be appreciated.

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          janelle_f Adobe Employee

          Since you already said that you have downloaded the latest Photoshop upgrades (http://www.adobe.com/downloads/updates  ), Then I will forward you to the next possible solution. 


          This would be to turn font preview off in Photoshop's preferences:


          In Photoshop CS6:

          1. Choose Type > Font Preview Size.
          2. Select None.


          Another solution is to turn off the following fonts:

          The following fonts are known to cause problems when used in Photoshop:

          • Bustle (Mac OS only)
          • 21kannmbn_ttf
          • GURAKH_S.TTF
          • JH_TITLES.TTF
          • SCREEN__.TTF
          • SEVESBRG.TTF
          • SF Tattle Tales Condensed.ttF
          • ZEROGEBI.TTF
          • Zippy.ttf
          • Haettenschweiler (Photoshop CS4 when run as a 64-bit application on Windows only)


          Finally,  another option is to Validate all the fonts through the Font Book Mac Os Application:


          If you have a third-party font management program, such as Suitcase Fusion 2, there is sometimes a tool in your application that validates fonts. (For example, Font Doctor ships as a part of Suitcase Fusion 2.) Use this type of application as your first choice.

          If you use a tool to validate your fonts, but the problem recurs, it's possible that the tool did not successfully validate your fonts. In this case, follow the steps in Solution 4 below to check for damaged fonts and to reset your font caches.

          To validate your fonts through Font Book:

          Choose Applications > Font Book.

            • Choose All Fonts in the Collection column.

            • Select the top most font in the Font column.


            • Use the Down Arrow on the keyboard to select the first font, then hold the key down to scroll through all your fonts.


            • If Font Book crashes, restart Font Book, and scroll through the fonts one by one to determine which font caused the crash.


          • If you are using Mac OS X (10.5.x), Ctrl-click on any fonts that are problematic, and choose to Disable that font family.
          • If you are using Mac OS X (10.6.x), Ctrl-click on any fonts that are problematic, and choose to Remove that font family. 



          I grabbed all these from Adobe Help, which offer a few other options you might want to explore if these don't help you.



          Please Respond if you cant find the resolution above or in the Adobe Help page that I posted above.


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            furface45 Level 1

            Thank you for responding to my inquiry.


            Last evening I did all of the suggestions listed in your response and on the link you supplied.


            1. I changed my preview size to none.
            2. I checked my fonts for any problem fonts on your list. I had none
            3. I checked (3 times) the validations of all my fonts. I deleted any font that had a red flag AND all fonts that had a yellow flag also.


            This morning, after booting up my Mac I started Photoshop and had ALL of my fonts listed in the drop down menu. I had hoped that the problem was solved.


            After working on a project for several hours, I again went to add text and found that, again, I  only had about a quarter of my font listed in the menu. The problem has yet to be corrected.


            Any additional suggestions?

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              gator soup Level 4

              look at Font Agent Pro font manager (and turn off the fonts you don't use, FAP is supposed auto activate fonts)... it may work in demo mode for a while


              it also examines your fonts for problems...



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                furface45 Level 1

                Gator ... thanks but I feel that I should not have to use (and pay for) software to correct a problem in Photoshop. I have used this collection of fonts for years in CS4 and CS5 with no problems.


                Very frustrating .....

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                  Thank you! I also had this unpleasant problem.

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                    furface45 Level 1

                    william .... what did you do to correct the problem or are you still living with it????

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                      This is very strange, I did "Disable Font Preview" in previous versions, but in CS6 there isn't any option in Preferesces! here is a screenshot from it:

                      Screen Shot ۱۳۹۱-۰۹-۰۹ at ۱۷.۵۳.۵۴.png

                      Is there anyone who can help me with this??




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                        conroy Level 5

                        menu Type > Font Preview Size > None

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                          furface45 Level 1

                          I found that my problem was not with Photoshop but rather with my Mac not loading the fonts at start up. I copied the fonts from the user folder to the system folder and the problem went away. It would seem someone at Adobe would be aware of this and suggest it.

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                            conroy Level 5

                            I wasn't suggesting a solution to a problem.

                            I was only telling Hadi where an option has been moved to in CS6.

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                              TheSorkhpoost Level 1

                              Thank you so much conory, saved my day!