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    AS alpha will not stay  ARGH!!!

    rich e.
      Well its been a while since I used flash but... What I have is a movie clip consisting of one frame. THe action layer is stop(), the second layer is the graphics/MCs i want to alpha (I wanted to use just graphics here but needed to make them MC in order to name the instances, correct?). The third layer is a controller with the following...

      onClipEvent (load) {
      _root.d001._alpha = 0;
      _root.d002._alpha = 0;
      _root.d003._alpha = 0;
      _root.d004._alpha = 0;
      _root.d005._alpha = 0;
      _root.d006._alpha = 0;


      Now when I test the scene for this it works. When I drop it into the main timeline? The alphas are bypassed or something. Not working. full 100%... I have been playing with this for two nights now and I am just really needing help.

      Thanks, Rich