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    Activating 11.5

    adiabatic Level 1

      I have a question about activating MX 11.5 on my windows laptop.  It does not recognize files created in MX 2004.


      First a little background.  I purchased the Mac version of Diector 7.0($499) from Macromedia in 2002 and the Windows version($51) in 2003.  Then in 2007 I purchased the MX 2004 cross platform upgrade version($439) from Adobe which I installed on my Mac Powerbook G4 and used it to continue the development of several GB of interactive experiments to accompany my chemistry textbook.  Two years ago I purchased a Gateway windows laptop and tried out some of my projectors and found some cross platform problems.  So I attempted again to install MX 2004 on my Gateway computer but was unable to and when I contacted Adobe for help the internet response was that my MX 2004 had expired two weeks earlier.  I had never heard of a software expiration date.


      A couple of weeks ago I was able to obtain a trial version of MX 11.5 on my Gateway.  I concluded that further development of these projectors would have to be carried out on the Windows computer since MX 11.5 will not run on a Powerbook G4 operating system.  So I have again attempted to load MX 2004 onto my Windows laptop.  When I type in the serial number a green confirmin check mark appears when I type in the last digit.  Then clicking on Continue asks for the serial number I am upgrading from.  Neither 7.0 serial number is recognized.


      So does this mean that I wil lnot be able to use MX 11.5 upgrade on the Gateway laptop?


      The problem is that MX 11.5 does not recognize a MX 2004 file.  Only by opening it in with MX 2004 and then upgrading can I get 11.5 to recognize it.  So is my only solution to purchase a new Mac laptop, load MX 2004 onto it, copy MX 11.5 from my Windows laptop and perform my authoring on the new system?  It's an expensive alternative.


      I apologize for my 80 year old brain takking your time and not solving this problem.