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    Using InDesign's Export to Kindle plug-in, how can I have normal black test display in inverse (whit




      I asked this question several days ago and see that it got about 90 views, but no responses. I don't know if I asked the question improperly, or whether it can't be done, or nobody has a solution. I've asked it again below with a bit more detail. I sure would appreciate some kind of response, because I'm lost here.


      I've created a book file (children's fantasy) with some colored fonts and anchored png images with transparent backgrounds. Basic paragraph (body text) is black. The "Export to Kindle" mobi file displays fine on Kindle for PC and Kindle Previewer when displayed in normal (white background) mode.


      Kindle PC alows viewing on white, sepia or black background. Works fine on white and sepia, but when the black color mode is selected (night viewing option) the black text does not display as white text. What can I do to have the black text automatically change to white?


      While trying to find a solution, I created an epub file of the book and, using Calibre, converted it to mobi. When this mobi file is loaded into Kindle PC, the black text does automatically change to white when viewed on the black screen. I would use this method of creating the mobi, but then there is different problem here. The png image no longer has a transparent background; it has been flattened with a white background. This looks bad on both the sepia and black backgrounds modes on Kindle. Same result when I use KindleGen to convert the epub. What can I do to maintain a trasparent background on my png image?