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    Embedding Multiple Choice Questions into videos


      I currently manage a large multi-county EMS (Ambulance) company with operations in nine counties covering 4,000 square miles. 


      I currently have “Adobe Creative Suite 5 Production Premium”, Sony HD camcorders and a studio.


      I need to create perhaps 100 short (5 to 10 minute) training and QA videos to distribute to the 300+ paramedics through-out our 31 ambulance station coverage area. 


      For this project to work one thing is required.


      I need to embed three to five written questions within the training videos.  The employees must answer the embedded multi-choice questions correctly to continue to the end of the training video.  When the video is completed we need a separate method of documenting which of the 300 employees have watched each video and when.


      I have an accomplished IT department and we operate several high-end databases etc.


      But the answer to how to effectively embed multi-choice questions within videos remains a challenge.


      I am looking for help with this specific issue (hopefully utilizing the Adobe Creative Suite 5 software). 

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          Sal Spring Level 1

          Presuming you are going to distribute these videos on dvd or blu-ray discs, I can envision a sub-menu between each portion of the video. Each sub-menu could have one question with several possible answers as buttons. Only the correct answer would lead to the next video segment. You might want to ask this on the Encore forum.

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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            I currently produce the training videos for a multi-state corporation that has very similar needs.  The only way to do this is via web, where each trainee signs in with a unique user name and password.  This takes care of the tracking portion.  For the questions, you will not be able to embed them into the actual video, they'll be separate.  The video will need to be divided into segments between questions.


            There are prepackaged 'learning' solutions out there that do all this.  Do a little research to find which suites your needs and budget.