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    Glitchy Slices with WordPress Design

    Jay Bomb

      I was wondering if one or more of you experts can help me out.

      I'm working with this template from Template Monsters
      Template Link


      I made some rollover images in Fireworks, that looks pretty good on a standard export. (quick sample) However when I enter the code into WordPress HTML editor, while the design may show, the buttons won't rollover.


      I tried creating a sample HTML page without the wordpress management and the rollovers work again but doesn't solve the bigger issue.

      I have two questions regarding the matter:
      1. Can I get the Fireworks slices and code to work well in WordPress?


      I'm having some troubles when taking the theme code and placing the Firework HTML in between the template coding. I had some success but I was foolish to not document what steps I took to get there. If you can take a look at these 2 samples and tell me what you think the problem is that would be great. Both times I fixed the error it was like a line or two that needed to be addressed but I can't seem to solve it now.

      Link to Image 1: Broken Version
      Link to Image 2: Fixed Version


      2: Can you possibly point out what line of code I'm missing on editing?

      I appreciate all help, and thanks!