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    Digital Editions for win and the ASUS ea800

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      First things first: if you're someone inclined to point out that the ASUS ea800 does not appear on the supported devices page, you're a dolt and i would prefer that you didn't.


      Now, my query is of the general form: why doesn't Digital Editions for Windows recognise my device? What is the procedure for investigating this issue? Are there knowledge base articles/instructions for this, and if so, where do they live?



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          It has to do with the OS on the device.  Win has a certain protocol that it

          uses when it attaches a device.  Adobe uses a certain protocol to

          communicate with the device once it's attached.  While the OS on the device

          is written so that it can attach to Windows (or Mac), it does not have the

          other protocol to interface with Adobe's application.  Going back a ways,

          when DE was developed, there were no smartphones, tablets or iPads.  The

          Android world just did not exist, and the software of that day was

          developed for Windows and Mac.


          Some app developers have figured out a way to run under the device OS and

          communicate with DE via the USB interface.  When you attach to your

          computer, you activate the app on your device and then activate DE on your

          computer.  They talk with each other and you can make the transfers.



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            Thanks for the reply: i wasn't really expecting one after my use of the word "dolt;" it's just that the device doesn't appear on the 'compatible devices list,' but it is actived for DRM and by all accounts, it should work.


            To be sure, towards the end of this video (a review of the EA800 by Good Ereader i think; can hardly see a thing, but...)




            the fellow does just that: the EA800 appears as a bookshelf in Digital Editions and content is managed flawlessly. In addition, the device he has is a pre-release version that ASUS sent him.