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    HOw to make AE render my imported sound?

    mballom3 Level 1

      I imported a sound and layered it in the comp but AE doesnt render it in preview nor in final movie.


      It says that the sound option is set to off in the render settings but i see no where i can change that.


      What can i do?

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          mballom3 Level 1

          Hey! I found out (if that can help someone someday):


          - In render Queue, find at the very buttom where it says "Output module" and double click "lossless" (default setting)


          - From there, tick the audio and choose something.


          It worked for outputting sound in final movie but i still can't hear sound in RAM preview...

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            Dave LaRonde Level 6

            You may not be doing a proper RAM Preview -- hitting the space bar won't cut it.  Time to open AE's online help!


            Here's the appropriate section for your needs.


            Now, this is a pretty basic thing.  It sounds like you may be trying to use AE intuitively.  If so, you won't have a lot of luck.  The application has too many easily-overlooked basic features that a good knowledge of the basics is imperative.


            Fortunately, it's easy to get that basic knowledge.  Here's an excellent source.

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              mballom3 Level 1

              " Time to open AE's online help!"


              I did! I was overwhelmed with many unrelated and impertinent links and i gave up.


              Hey we are in internet era man, the impatience threshold of net-fellows is 7 seconds remember.


              Well after quick 9 seconds scans of the top links offered i expectedly went away.


              Whew 9 seconds! Can you imagine? I bet the average net-guy's patience by the astronomical score of 2 seconds lol.


              Seriously, someone has to update and increase the AI of these search tools now that its proven google model is overwhelmed by the growth

              of online contents.

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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Average impatience threshold of 7 seconds. You've picked the wrong software. AE is as deep as anything out there. Want to make it work take time to read. Take time to go through the materials. Put in a little effort. Use the Search AE help field at the top right corner of the app. There is no free ride for AE. Want a free ride, use iMovie or Movie Maker. If you just think for a moment After Effects is completely logical. Layers, Output, Choices. The default's may not be what you want, but you can change them. (search 'change default render settings').