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    Modifying an embedded image asset

    Antonio Carlos - Axon
      Hi guys,

      I use embedded image assets in my buttons and menu items. I want the image to be grey scaled when the button/menu is disabled. I know how to transform a BitmapAsset object from coloured to grey scale. So, I didn't want to enlarge my application with 2 versions of each image - one coloured and one grey scaled. I use the images via resource bundle in a properties file - MyAssets.properties, for example:

      [MyAssets.properties] file

      In my app I want to do something like this (in AS3):

      [MyApp.as] file
      imgClassEnabled = resourceManager.getClass('MyAssets','saveButtonImage');
      imgClassDisabled = ????????????????????? (here is my question)


      Any help will be wellcome.

      Thanks in advance.

      Antonio Carlos Amaral