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    How do you add new keyboard shortcuts to the ESTK?

    kellybellis Level 1

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      In many applications these days, the user has the ability add new keyboard shortcuts from beyond those which exist amongst the plethora of keyboard assignments that arrive already pre-packaged. Depending on their number and the how an existing function has been mapped to the keyboard, the user may have to deal with the conflict of assigning the F2 key to their new macro's shortcut while rendering the previous assignment null.


      The ESTK interface seems to have some of this functionality; e.g., Edit -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts, however, I'm unable to find where or how the user can add a new macro and assign a keyboard shortcut to it.


      In this example, all I simply wanted to do was to be able to quickly comment out a line or block of remarks from a script. Currently (CS6), the only options appear to be limited to Shift+Ctrl+K as using this method will only insert //~ at the beginning of a line that already has text on it and will not work on a new empty line.


      How can the (CS6) ESTK user add a new macro and assign a keyboard shortcut to it?


      Thank you very much for any reply.