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    How to create a  PDF document with page curls using Adobe  CS 4?


      My  goal is to create a  PDF document with page curls. I am using Adobe  CS 4.

      1.      The document was created in Adobe InDesign  CS 4  where the page  turn (curl) transition  was applied.

      2.      Then the document was exported to .swf.

      3.     The .swf file was imported into   Adobe Acrobat Pro  to create a PDF file with  flip page or page curl transitions.

      These are the problems.

      1.      The background is not  transparent.

      2.      Page dimensions have to be increased at least an inch in width and length so that the full page can show

      3.      The command and+   will not only increases the document's  screen size. It increases the page margins.