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    AE crashes with Lumix footage...

    fredoviolawoodstock Level 1

      Hi there, folks


      I just installed CS6 AE as well as 3 trapcode plugins and Knoll lens flare.  Opened the program, imported 4 720HD files shot with my Lumix camera and began working with them.  I rendered a ram preview that was rather long, so hit the button to stop it.  The dreaded beach ball arrived and never went away.  I had to force quit.   Reopenning the file AE got stuck on "initializing MediaCore" for almost a minute.  Then when it opened I got warnings that some module couldn't load up and all the Lumix files were no longer recognized.  I couldn't even add them.


      I'm on a brand new Mac Pro (mid 2012) with 28 GB memory and os 10.8.2.  Again, most recent version of AE CS6 (just installed from online a couple days ago).  I have not installed ANY other programs into this computer so can't imagine I might have accidentally added something that conflicts with AE.