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    ADE Silent Deployment Guide?


      Where can I find the official documentation on how to silently deploy ADE 2.0?  I wasn't able to find anything from the main page easily.  http://www.adobe.com/products/digital-editions.html




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          I don't think you will; I don't remember finding any official docs for 1.7 either although it will silently install if you pass the EXE installer /S  (caps matters).


          The problem with 2.0 is that when ran silently it won't run migration.exe nor can I seems to run the migration silently to both migrate the data and remove the old version.


          Why oh why would Adobe not deliver ADE as an MSI with such options like it does Flash, Reader, and the like?

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            Frustrated in AZ Level 4

            To your last point:  I don't know that Adobe hasn't rolled out 2.0 without

            a migration option.  It could be your specific situation, or it could be

            that the Adobe team for Digital Editions is 'different' from those for the

            other products, and is now 'leaderless', as the chief design engineer left

            to work for another company....



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              I'm also encountering the same scenario. Trying to deploy Adobe Digital Editons 2.0 to multiple computers, while the installer can run silently (with /S), there's no way to run migrate.exe silently (as /S does not work on migrate.exe).


              Hopefully they address this soon, or maybe there are already supported command-line parameters that we do not know of yet?

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                I am working in the biggest library in Alaska and am in the same boat as everyone else i found the orignal document for Deploying Adobe Digital Editions 1.7 But i would love to know if there is a supported command line parameter to trigger the migrate.exe and a parameter for doing an uninstall of 1.7


                Right now i am looking at having to run the uninstaller for 1.7 and wipe out any books related to adobe digital editions and download them again. Thankfully these are for our public use terminals and not our faculitie machines as that would not be an option.