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    Artifacts in PDF from Placed PSD

    A1_Adam Level 1



      I'm having a small issue and I'm hoping someone might have an idea of what's happening.


      I have a PSD background image of an object (this happens to be a pineapple, image is of the top of the pineapple) on a completely white background.  When I place the image in Illustrator and save as a print-ready PDF, there are strange artifacts surrounding the object on the white background (and they appear in print as well).


      There is no evidence of these artifacts in the PSD (I've applied layer adjustments to make sure there is nothing there).  The background image is a flattened image - it is the pineapple with background fully removed, merged with a white layer.


      I've uploaded a side-by-side screenshot of the PSD in Photoshop (left) and the PDF with apparent artifacts (right).  Is there any explanation for this, or anything anyone can think of?


      Thank you!