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    cf scheduled tasks

    craig_mac Level 1
      Hi, i have been having a issue with my coldfusion scheduler in the cfadministrator.

      every now and then the scheduler stops working ie runs the schedule then does not re-schedule, according to the scheduler log files.

      just not sure what could be causing this?

      also is there a way of sending a email to myself if a schedule fails to re-schedule?
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          Steve Sommers Level 4
          Strange, I use the scheduler regularly and have never seen this behavior. I think you might be on the right track in emailing you upon failures. You may also want to email you upon success as well, at least until this problem gets resolved.

          A scheduled task is just another user session as far as your application is concerned so you can use specify a CFERROR template. You can also use the output from the scheduled template as a log and in the cf scheduler admin specify to log the output to a file.

          Hope this helps. Good luck.