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    Interactivity in Book with single page documents


      I'm currently working with a book, with single page documents.

      I'm trying to use the interactivity features for buttons in CS5.5

      I was able to get pages 2-5 to link to the first page, which we have set up as the table of contents.


      However, I'm having issues trying to link button from the 'Table of Contents' to the single pages of the book.

      For example, I have a button that, once click will take you to page 2, and another button that will take you to page 3 once clicked.

      Once I export to an Interactive PDF, the buttons on the 'Table of Contents' do not work.

      However the buttons on pgs. 2-5, that go to the 'First Page' work.


      Any suggestions/tips on how to get buttons to work on the first page, that will navigate you to the specified page?