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    Epub Chapter Breaks

    Adam Veile

      I'm trying to export an epub from a book file in CS6, but I can't get the epub to break at the chapters, which are each a seperate document. I've tried almost every setting in the export menu. Is there something obvious I'm overlooking?

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You've created an InDesign book file, an INDB file, right? You've placed each of your chapters into the book file. You're exporting EPUB from the book file. Each chapter will form a separate XHTML file which will start on a new page.

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            Adam Veile Level 1

            That's correct, I have an INDB file and each of the chapters are in the book file. I'm exporting to epub. When I do that, though, the chapters all run together. The front material, which is set up the same, seems to be including page breaks but the the chapters don't.

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              Adam Veile Level 1

              I've spent a couple days trying to figure this out, and something clicked when I was writing to you. I had overset text in the chapters. For some reason that didn't occur to me, until I was thinking about the difference between the front material and the chapters. Now that I've deleted it, the file looks great. Thanks for taking time to help me!