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    WARNING! - Multicam has MAJOR FLAW in Premiere Pro CS6!!!!!!

    DMH79 Level 2

      When you are using Premiere Pro CS6, and you are editing a multicam sequence and you hit PAUSE or STOP, Premiere CS6 makes a cut in your timeline and then changes shots back to the original shot whether you want it to or not!!! This forces users to go back and fix the un-intended cuts later which is a HUGE time waster. The thread below was started tracking the issue and then suddenly LOCKED by Adobe with a FALSE correct answer as the issue is NOT fixed! The answer is only an attempt at a workaround which DOES NOT work for everyone as pointed out in the thread and the thread should NOT have been locked as the MAJOR FLAW still persists and has persisted for years. Final Cut Pro, Avid, FCPX do NOT have this issue. Premiere Pro CS6 does.


      This is the thread:



      Premiere Pro CS6 is a nice editing program BUT it has a HUGE time-wasting flaw that makes editing multicam sequences VERY frustrating for many users and that still persists as of version 6.0.3. Please start by UNLOCKING a thread that is NOT resolved. The issue is NOT fixed and still persists as of October 2012. Marking something as the "correct answer" that does not work for everyone is unacceptible and only avoids the real issue that has been around for years as pointed out in the original thread started back in 2010. Please unlock the thread until the issue is resolved so the issue can be discussed constructively until its resolved!