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    Adobe Premier Pro CS6 domain account's home folder causes crash?


      Hello All,


      Background: We set our user’s home folder in active directory so that when things get saved to their documents folder they get saved to their network folder. This works fine, and hasn’t given us problems until now.

      Adobe Premiere Pro from the CS3 suite has worked on a Win7 64bit HP  desktop computer for some time now. Recently Adobe Premiere Pro has been installed along with the rest of the CS6 Master Suite on this machine.

      Problem: Whenever we open Premier Pro CS6 as a user that has their home folder set to the network the entire application crashes immediately.

      Solution: After some Googling and expirementing I’ve determined that the problem is the home folder. If the home folder is set to the network when the user first opens Premiere Pro, it crashes and will always crash even if the settings are changed. If the home folder is not set, Premiere Pro will not crash and never will even if the settings are changed.

      I think the reason this works is that premiere stores some information in the documents folder. Since changing the user home folder settings is not an option, I’d love to find another way. I’m thinking there’s probably a way to change where Premiere Pro stores the files, but I’m not sure where this would be nor how to make these settings apply to all users. Any ideas? Or alternate solutions that I haven't noticed? –Ben M