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    Edge Animate & Muse: Problems with IE9 and Safari

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      We created an Edge animation (it has a fair number of elements and easings, but no interactivity or separate timelines for symbols).


      It plays fine in Edge's stage.  And, using Edge's preview in browser command, it plays fine in Firefox, IE, Chrome and Safari. on Windows 7.


      But then we published the animation and placed it on a page in a site built with Muse, using the settings described at



      The results are a bit mixed.  The page and animation work very well in Firefox, Opera and Chrome, but not so in IE 9.0.8112 and Safari 5.1.7 (7534.57.2).


      In 1E 9 the page loads but the animation doesn't.

      In Safari the animation loads, but x-axis translations and easing don't work correctly.


      We also tested a very simple animation (single rectangle sliding in from left with easing) and it works ok on IE and Safari.


      So... we're not sure which element is causing the problem.


      We'll troubleshoot this by rebuilding and retesting with each element.


      Anyone have any ideas about this issue?



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          Good news:         The same .oam runs fine in IE 9 when the page is built with Dreaweaver CS6 instead of Muse.

          Bad news:           But switching from Muse to Dreamweaver doesn't remove the Safari issue


          Additional Muse testing: stripping out all other page elements from the page other than the Edge animate file didn't help the IE or Safari issue.


          Interesting note: Before running the video, IE 9 requests permission to run the video: