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    Self populating linked text fields




      quick question, one I'm sure there is a simple solution too, but it's been escaping me for hours!


      there's a simple trick you can do when creating a form directly in Acrobat X that I would like to duplicated in LiveCycle ES2


      in acrobat if you create a field, get it fully setup, then copy/paste it to create a second field... as long as you dont change the names so they show up as:





      what you type into one will automatically appear in the other.


      is it possible to duplicate this trick in LiveCycle?


      I am creating a customer information form, that needs to have the customer ID number on each page (6 pages). I would like to be able to type it in on page 1 and have it appear automatically on the other pages.


      I know it can sort of be done with actions, but I know I'm going to end up doing this with a large number of fields, and I was hoping for a much easier approach than laborously creating seperate actions for each field set.