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    Brush strokes become distorted randomly


      I have been having this very strange issue and was wondering if anyone else has been having the same problem. Ok so I'll try my best to explain this. Essentially when I draw a line in any drawing program, I am unable to produce clean smooth lines. I primarily use photoshop. All lines that are created have a jitteryness to them. I've uploaded two pictures one featuring when I have the issue and the other where I do not have the issue. It happens randomly and different things seem to fix it. There are times where re downloading the driver works or sometimes making a backup of the driver and doing a restore works as well. There are even times where simply restarting the program that I'm using will fix the issue, but it always seems to come back no matter what. At one point thought that maybe my video card drivers were all out of date but that's not the case. Originally the issue was happening on my tablet pc, so I thought that it was only related to that computer but then noted that it also was happening on my desktop as well when using my intuos! Has anyone experienced this issue? I've asked a host of people and no one seems to have had this happen to them. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!