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    .AVI format, 5.1 surround


      Can anybody help me, I have produced a full length feature film using CS6 and I have output an .avi with 5.1 surround. The DVD authoring house (professional) asked for this format (.avi) saying they use this format all the time when maintaining the highest quality picture eventhough its not being burned to Blu-Ray. The trouble is not with the picture quality, they say the sound is poor. I know the sound is great, it was produced and mixed by professionals in L.A. I have played the .avi on my system using Premiere and it's great, the surround works perfectly with no problems. I finally had to output .wav files to use in place of the .avi audio. Has anybody had this experience? Have I done something wrong in the process of outputting the .avi?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          I have not sent any of my DD 5.1 SS Projects out for replication, so cannot directly address your question.


          However, I do a majority of my DD 5.1 SS Projects in Encore. I always use one discrete Video Stream file (either DV-AVI, or MPEG-2 DVD), and then a discrete DD AC3 for my DD 5.1 SS Audio Stream. The quality is great, and I have never had any issues (so long as I do a good mix). I have never muxed a DD 5.1 SS Audio Stream into an AVI container - always separate files.


          Can the replication house handle separate discrete files?


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            nw42 Level 2

            Have you exported the 5.1 mix to discrete WAV files for L, R, C, Lfe, Ls Rs? If they are a prof. mastering house they'll do the Dolby or DTS encoding I suppose?