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    Having several major problems with Adobe Indesign cs6 trial version




      I am a recent product design graduate that used Adobe packages at University (cs4 photoshop, cs4 illustrator, cs4 indesign) and now that I have left I am about to purchase the newest CS6 InDesign version. Before I purchased it, I decided to download the trial version to make sure it all works.


      Unfortunately many features are not available for me:

      • the selection and direct selection tools wont let me click them - unable to resize objects or click different images
      • everything on the right hand side windows (pages, paragraph, swatches, colours ect.) dont seem to work. They are visable but when I select one of them, it wont let me click anything on the panel meaning that I cant add new pages to the document, I cant change the colours of shapes or anything.


      Very annoying as I only have two days of my trial left to sort the problem out or it is looking unlikely that I will be purchasing the full version.


      Laptop spec:

                          Dell xpz 15z (bought 2012), Intel core i7 processor, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit