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    Mouseover flickering

    iwu88 Level 1

      Hi, I'm trying to create a simple effect where mouseover toggles on the visibility of an image that overlays the button and mouseout toggles off. I have it working except that when I drag my mouse across the width of the button, the overlaying image will flicker between visible and invisible. Does anyone know the reason for this, or how I can resolve it? Thanks!

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          Vinay Nellagi Level 1

          try mouseenter instead. its definitely smoother.





          Other work around is include the text and image in an div (hold shift and the required elements, right click, select group elements in div). Now on mouse over of this div change the source of the image.

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            TimJaramillo Level 4

            @iwu88, you might also want to add an invisible "hit" shape inside your button, on top of the images (I'm assuming the images are nested in your button). This way, the mouse events won't be confused by the images turning on and off.