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    Loading external images from RIGHT to LEFT ?

    Sw Jiten Level 1
      nice day webmates:

      1) I am loading external images jpg's and sfw's using:


      However, it always loads the image in a "Down-right" direction... I want to change this if possible. i want it to load it in a "down-left" direction for example.

      2) I am also loading these images making them smaller through :



      But this work as a percentage... now I want to reduce it to a prefixed size (like creating prefixed thumbnails, in example) is that possible ?

      what about if I just want to prefix the Height size and make automathically the width proportionally ?

      Thanks in advance,

      Sw. Jiten
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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant
          If you are loading in a .jpg or .swf into an existing movieclip and you want that new object to be at a specific location then just give that location to the movieclip that you're loading into. Any new .jpg or .swf that's loaded in will be positioned based on it's upper left corner. This upper left corner is the registration point for this new object. The registration point will be positioned to the registration point of the movieclip that its loaded in to.

          This is why you're seeing the new content loaded "down right. You can give the movieclip a new _x and _y value which will give the loaded content a new position on the stage.

          If you want to change the size of the loaded content, then you can set a new _width and/or _height value for that movieclip.
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            Sw Jiten Level 1
            Sorry , I did not explain well myself...

            What I pretend to do is to change this "TOP LEFT" ancor point... because I would like to load the movies and graphics to the other side.. is this possible ?