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    PSD causing AE CS 5 to crash?

    Loki Productions

      Hi everyone,


      I completed a project last night with some psd layers in an AE comp, rendered, exported, got feedback at work and went in to do some minor revisions, but AE refuses to load the project.


      Premiere is fine.  Previous versions of the AE project will load, but they're too old to use unless I re-do a lot of work.


      While AE is loading, there's a serious lag when it hits the 4 psd documents.  It completes loading, but the comp never loads.  Within 30 seconds, AE is not responding at all (beach ball of death)


      I trashed prefs, tried it on Snow Leopard (currently running Lion), I've tried all my troubleshooting tricks, so now I'm seeking help.


      My project is due tomorrow- and what kills me is that my revisions would only take me a half hour.  Please- any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks,  Erik

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Try loading the project with the caps lock on.


          If that doesn't work move the PSD files to a different folder and load the project, then use replace footage to get the footage back.


          If that doesn't work you've got a corrupted project and you're out of look. This is another great reason to version your projects with AutoSave.


          If you can reload only some of the psd files then you'll know which one was fouled up.


          I hope this helps.