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    How do YOU organize your RH projects


      I'm looking for insight into how others organize their RH projects amidst other software application projects.

      We are a small shop with few automations, and those are hand-rolled.

      We use Visual Source Safe.
      We have a number of RH HTML projects
      and a number of Apps and DLL projects.

      Currently, the RH projects are archived in VSS below the app that they document. This works for the app developer because the online help is co-located with the app source code.

      However, the RH projects have their own part numbers and are therefore referenced individually for release/modification. So in this sense it would be logical to group them together, and not have them scattered about the VSS hierarchy.

      In general, the RH author is the same person as the SW developer. In general, that is ME. But I'd like to organize it for use by several folks not just me. I hope to have helpers someday. :)

      So, what do *you* do? Inquiring minds want to know.