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    Few questions about live cycle 9.0 es2. Opened pdf made from indesign.


      I am new to live cycle. I took a pdf which I created in InDesign.  I have some questions so I may finish editing it in LiveCycle. When I go to group text by dragging the mouse using the field tool, some remains in text boxes, other text remains in light outlined boxes. I would like it to all group and stay within one box for editing. Also, I see no white space to move the text to to edit it off to the right of the form like in InDesign. Nor can I find a way to create a blank page to move the text to to do more editing if  I would like. I also did not see a duplicate spread option to create a copy of the page I am editing. There is blurry and clear text after I opened the pdf in Live Cycle. How do  I make it all clear? This includes an eps logo at the top of the page. How do I do  copy and paste in place. Can I insert a pdf page after I am done edit this pdf page in LiveCycle? CAn brcodes take on alphanumeric, not just 1's and 0's? Thanks.