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    htmlText property of HTML control is not updated after editing 'contentEditable' html inside the control

    wouter vdb Level 1
      I guess this could be considered a bug report:

      When setting the contentEditable property of an element loaded in a AIR/FLEX HTML control to true, the html becomes editable inside the control. However, after editing the html in the control, the value of the htmlText property of the HTML control is no longer in sync with the html dom in the control, i.e. it returns the string originally assigned to it (or something to that effect), instead of a string that matches the current state of the html dom in the HTML control.
      This erroneous behaviour can be easily corrected by using the following htmlText getter function:

      public function get htmlText():String {
      return domWindow.document.documentElement.outerHTML;

      Platform: AIR v1 on Mac OS X v10.4.11