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    New computer, not happy!

    Rish Music

      Hello ! I need your help!
      I bought a new PC one week ago and it feels like its not working perfectly on Adobe Premier and After Effects. When i look at PPBM5 Benchmark results, they all have other graphics card and motherboard than mine.


      My PC:

      Intel i7 2600K

      Gigabyte GA-Z77X

      GeForce GTX 550 Ti

      HDD 2TB Seagate 7200rpm

      SSD Corsair 120GB


      My Ram Memory is 8GB 4x2 GB Zeppelin 15000.

      I told them that i wanted 16 GB Memory, but they said they couldnt make 16 GB, it got errors, they said 8 GB will work fine. The thing is in my country they dont have all graphic cards and motherboards that i see in PPBM5, for example GTX 470 or motherboard P8P67.


      So I want to know if my PC build is ok for Adobe Premier, music video editing, or is it just me being confused and picky? Thanks in advance!!!

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          Jay Saan Level 1

          You'll be able to run Premiere Pro, but depending on your footage and the type of effects you put in, not as fast as you might like.

          Check out this guide for a basic introduction to PC builds and how they handle Premiere Pro.


          According to Harm's guide, you have a computer similar to the "budget" build. However, you should consider adding more hard drives (at least 2 more) to spread out Premiere Pro's data access and workload (kind of like how having more cylinders in a car engine makes for a smoother, faster vehicle).


          I recently built an "economical" PC, and for my purposes (DSLR footage, minimal effects), I couldn't be happier as I didn't have to render sequences anymore to preview them (coming from a core 2 duo laptop also helps)! However, I recently edited a music video with layers and layers of effects like Magic Bullet Looks, Neat Video, AND Twixtor, and was disgusted by the sluggish performance (slow render times, choppy real-time playback, back to the laptop days). But to expect something extraordinary out of an economical build working with these kind of effects would, of course, be delusional.


          In general, the more you pay, the more you'll get (except for maybe in Vegas). Good luck and have fun building your comp!