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    Can't refresh DataGrid  inside of ViewStack

    David Repas
      I have a viewstack with 2 views. View 1 is nothing but a tilelist (multiple columns). View 2 is the same tilelist, but only has one column (right side) - and also has a container (left side) with a datagrid as well as binded labels.

      The app opens to View 1. User clicks a tile. Switches to View 2. A creationComplete event fires a RemoteObject call (CFC) and successfully populates the datagrid for that tile ID. Now, still in View 2, the user can click other tiles (right side) - and a function is fired that populates the datagrid with data relating to that tile ID. So far, so good.

      Problem occurs when the users clicks back to View 1. Once in View 1, if the user clicks a tile, switches back to View 2, but the datagrid fails to populate with the correct data - it just shows the datagrid from the previous View 2.

      This makes sense, since creationComplete is not being fired again - like itwas initially.

      How can I force the function to make the remote call again? Any way to reset creationComplete so it fires again, or any other advice?

      I'm new to all this, so any help is appreciated. Thanks.