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    multi page importer

    gert verrept Level 2


      The multipage importer (verion 2.5) works fine, but because I often work with documents with 2 languages (dutch & french), most of our pdf's are placed side by side, this is, left (verso) page french, right (recto of the next) page dutch.  The MPI doesn't let you do that, so I was wondering if anyone knew an automated solution for this. Placing the pdf manually isn't a good option, considering that is can be pdf with over  300 pages (which means placing 600 pages or more). I'm on windows 7,64bit and working with CS6. Does anyone know if you can merge the two pdf's, so that page 1 french if followed by page 1 dutch etc?


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          MrTIFF Level 3

          If I understand your situation, you could create a 600-page document, place the french part on pages 1-300, place the dutch part on pages 301-600, then use something like the following script to shuffle the pages into "interleaved" order:


          #target "indesign"


          * shuffle fronts-then-backs page order into interleaved fronts and backs order




          function main()


                    // get the active document

                    var doc = app.activeDocument;


                    // start moving pages around

                    var n = doc.pages.length;

                    var half = n/2;

                    for (var ix = 0, jx = half; jx < n - 1; ix += 2, jx++) // yup, "< n-1"


                              var front = doc.pages[ix];

                              var back = doc.pages[jx];

                              back.move(LocationOptions.AFTER, front);







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            gert verrept Level 2

            Thnkx a lot. Just one thing, in order to get them left-right face to face, you have to insert a blank page in front of the imported pages (after the script has run, if not you get an error)

            Great stuff, thnks