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    xfa.host.messageBox - return value

    goneforgolddamo Level 1

      I am trying to retrieve the return value from a message box with a Yes/No button.


      It should return 3 for Yes and 4 for NO.


      If 3 is returned, then I want to break the script.


      I cant seem to get the return value. I have tried putting the return value into a text field but I am obviously not returning the correct value.


      Here is my script:


      if (xfa.host.messageBox("The manifest has already been created! Do you wish to continue?","Create Manifest",2,2)=="3")





      I am not sure if 'Break' is the right code.

      Also, I would like to put a line break between "The manifest has already been created!"  and   "Do you widh to continue?".


      Hope someone can help me please!


      BTW, I am using Adobe Designer v7.0