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    Harddisk choice between two Western Digital Blue versions


      Currenlty I'm using a sinlge Western Digital Blue harddisk, but I would like to have a second harddisk.

      I'm using the WD10EALX. I thought simply buying another one, but Western Digital released a new version of the WD Blue the WD10EZEX

      I wouldn't like to use a Black edition, because of the harddisk noise in my case.


      HDTune graphs:

      WD10EALX (own test)




      WD10EZEX (test form Ncix.com)



      The WD10EZEX is a single platter drive. As seen in the graph, it has higher access times, but is has high sequential speeds.

      The older model WD10EALX is a multi platter drive, lower access times, but lower sequential speeds.


      As far as I know:

      Access times should be more imortant as a primary disk (so, less important for non-OS disk)

      Sequential speeds should be more important for writing large files (so, in this situation storing/writing large video files)


      Maybe the "real life" difference isn't that much noticeble.

      I tend to choose for the newer WD10EZEX, it's more silent and has higher sequential speeds despite of higher access times.


      Now I'm not sure which one of the WD Blue version is recommended for video editing, following the guidelines disk setup from http://forums.adobe.com/thread/662972.

      So first HDD for OS/programs/page file/mediacache, second HDD for .


      My thoughts of the configuration:

      - First HDD - OS/programs/page file/mediacache: WD10EALX (which I currently use for everything)

      - Second HDD - media/projects/preview/exports: WD10EZEX


      Maybe my thoughts are correct and the answer is simple: WD10EZEX is the way to go to choose between these two models?

      Could someone advice me which one of the models is recommended to choose?

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          JEShort01 Level 4

          I would definitely go with the WD10EZEX out of the only two choices you allow in your post. Per NewEgg this drive has 64MB cache and other has 32. Also, reviewers completed panned the drive you have now. Only 3 stars out of 5, seemingly due to failures. For that reason alone, you may want to consider two new drives and using the drive you have now for backups. SATA drives in a hot-swap bay do an awesome and fast job of drive imaging and other forms of data backup from your PC.


          Now, if you would consider other drives other than the two you suggest, WD Blacks and top 7200rpm contenders from other manufacturers are excellent drives and would certainly be my pick for video editing, particulary with so few drives in your plans. WD Blacks used to come with a toggle for quiet and performance. It seems they have removed that "feature", however another manufacturer may have something similar. I believe quiet mode slowed down how fast the actuator arm could move, which also slows down seek speed.


          Finally, I would not suggest comparing HD Tune results from tests done in separate setups unless you know exactly what settings were used. I use 2MB block size and partial test with slider set to accurate for video editing comparison purposes. These are not the default settings BTW, and unfortunately the screen grabs like you have above do not show what benchmark options have been selected for the test.





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            CorossiNL Level 1

            Thank you for your quick reply Jim, really helpful!


            I scanned the feedback posts on NewEgg and indeed, multiple reviewers are talking about failures, wasn't aware about that.


            I will consider buying two new drives, I also need an extra backup drive and use my current one as backup it's not continuously in use then.


            From what I've read the WD Black’s are a better choice for video editing and should be more reliable and have a 3 years longer warrantee. Downside of the Blacks in my system case is that they're more noisy than the Blue's. Sadly WD (and I think other manufacturers too) have removed the option to choice between multiple seek modes. It would not suprise that WD also releases a newer 1TB Black model with 1 platter, which would make it more quiet, but then I've to wait and see if it comes out.


            So my choice would be to buy at least one WD10EZEX.


            And about the HD Tune results: thanks for the tip. Most test resulsts / reviews I found are not that comprehensive and certainly especiialy focused on video editing.

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              [quote]I wouldn't like to use a Black edition, because of the harddisk noise in my case.[/quote]


              I've got three WD 2TB Caviar Black's installed and I can't hear any noise from them whatsoever (just a quiet whirring of the CPU fan), and my computer case is sat right next to me on my desk, at ear level, and just 30cm's away.

              The case is a Fractal Design Define XL which has noise deadening material fitted, but even so, the case vents are right next to me and I can't hear a thing from the WD drives.

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                CorossiNL Level 1

                Looks like a really decent case, both in looks/design, interior and the fact that's quiet with the sound dampening material.

                You remind of that I was also orientating on a more quiet case.. I'll add to my "wishlist" and keep the Fractal Design Define XL in mind.

                Multipe WD Black's wouldn't be a problem then in terms of noise

                Thank you for the tip!