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    Growing Files

    aleksandra_orad Level 1


      I need some technical details about "growing files" - how Adobe Premiere treats it so that Premiere automatically refreshes the timeline when such a "growing file" is imported and loaded on a sequence. The user reference guide tells me that we need to import OP-1a MXF files. I start producing/creating such a file that is constantly growing (), but whenever I use Import to load it to my sequence/project I get a "File Import Error: The importer reported a generic error".


      Some technical details about my mxf OP-1a file:


      Format                               : MXF
      Format profile                       : OP-1a
      Format settings                      : Open / Incomplete


      ID                                                : 1001

      Format                                        : MPEG Video

      Format version                           : Version 2

      Format_Settings_Wrapping       : Frame

      Width                                         : 1 920 pixels

      Height                                        : 1 080 pixels

      Display aspect ratio                   : 16:9

      Frame rate                                  : 25.000 fps

      Color space                                : YUV

      Chroma subsampling                : 4:2:2



      Do I need any special info in file header so that Adobe Premiere "knows" that this file is a "growing" file?

      Maybe anyone can provide me a sample MXF file (even 1sec file) that works as "growing" file?

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          Bruce Bullis Adobe Employee

          Aleksandra, I'm in Adobe's Broadcast group and am working with others at Orad on an RFP, concerning growing file support. Please contact me directly: bbb@adobe.com

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            Bruce Bullis Adobe Employee

            Also, if someone provides you a sample file, it'll no longer be 'growing', right? You would need to start the ingest/capture to a file on a volume PPro can see, then import the file in PPro. You'll see the duration update, in the source monitor, every N seconds (you can change N in Preferences-->Media).

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              I'm currently evaluating Premiere Pro 6.0.3 on Windows 7 and am having difficulty importing a growing RDD9 file. I get the same "The importer reported a generic error" error message as reported by Aleksandra.


              The import succeeds when the RDD9 file is complete.


              When writing a growing file on Linux and exporting the directory to Windows 7 using CIFS the import succeeds and I see the duration incrementing!


              However, when writing the file on the Windows 7 client I see several SHARING VIOLATIONS in the Process Monitor system tool when Premiere Pro tries to open the growing file. I think the issue is that it wants ShareMode=Read whilst the growing file was opened with Generic Read, Generic Write.



              Does the growing file need to be opened in a special way?


              Does growing files support maybe require an .xmp file?




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                Bruce Bullis Adobe Employee

                rpdn wrote:


                I think the issue is that it wants ShareMode=Read whilst the growing file was opened with Generic Read, Generic Write.


                You are correct! If the file has been opened with SHARED_WRITE on the local system, PPro will refuse to open it. No XMP required.

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                  rpdn Level 1

                  Still no luck I'm afraid.


                  I've tried every combination of desired access (GENERIC_READ, GENERIC_WRITE) and share mode (FILE_SHARE_READ, FILE_SHARE_WRITE and FILE_SHARE_DELETE) and none of them work. I either get a "This file is in use" error message when only using FILE_SHARE_WRITE (which is expected), and otherwise I get the "...generic error" error message.


                  The C call I use to open the file is this one (changing the 2nd and 3rd parameters):



                  My guess is that Premiere is trying to lock the file by opening a file handle with ShareMode=Read, and this share mode conflicts with the GENERIC_WRITE access of the existing file writing handle. I need GENERIC_WRITE to write to the file. The result is a SHARING_VIOLATION error.


                  It works through a CIFS share because Linux doesn't have file share modes and the requests are simply ignored.


                  If you have any suggestions then that would be greatly appreciated.





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                    Bruce Bullis Adobe Employee

                    First suggestion: Use the CIFS share through Linux, which works.


                    What file system is in use, on the storage? Please send me (directly: bbb@adobe.com) details of your entire setup, and I'll see whether we can make some more useful recommendations.