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    new kuler desktop (AIR)!

    Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
      We have just released the latest version of the kuler desktop, compatible with Adobe AIR 1.0. In addition to searching kuler themes and viewing RSS feeds of the Highest Rated, Most Popular, and Newest color themes, you can:

      - Browse color themes from the kuler website while offline (up to 100 themes cached per feed)
      - Drag and drop themes onto your own desktop as transparent "tear offs" to scale and view over any application
      - Download themes as ASE (Adobe Swatch Exchange) files directly from the kuler desktop (must be signed in)
      - New RSS feed "Random"
      - Access themes from Mykuler (must be signed in)

      For more info, see the Feature Guide.

      Get Adobe AIR here
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          hm, this new kuler air app closes whenever I try to write the letter/symbol "@" in the login field. I had to copy-paste it.
          And another funny thing: if I open the pulldown menu and close it again without selecting anything the colors are reloaded... is this a bug or a feature?
          But besides that it workes like a charm so far, thx for the cool app!!
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            Which keyboard are you using?
            It used to cause problem for German keyboard.
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              magrolino Level 1
              jep, german layout here. english works. strange...
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                hi Sami,
                The kuler desktop is great, nice work kuler team!!

                Will kuler be providing the source to the air desktop, there are few bugs I would like a shoot at. For your own record heres a few problems I think could be addressed.

                1: Tear offs,
                When you use the tear off function there are a few UI bugs that happen. One is that the MOUSE_UP or drop function does not work properly and causes the swatch to appear behind the main AIR apt or not at all if your not over the AIR apt. Two the fading controls of the tear offs should be inside of the swatch to prevent MOUSE_OVER bugs or you should make a hidden button that pads the outer area of the swatch. The bug happens because of the tweening of the alpha channel on the controls and causes a momentary laps of MOUSE_OVER to MOUSE_OUT and make it flicker uncontrollably.

                2. Since you have a login function why not alow for any of the functionality of the site such as rating swatches, creating swatches, commenting and saving swatches to a favorites panel?

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                  Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                  Hi, can you give more specifics and platform, perhaps I misunderstood.I'm not seeing Bug #1 on Mac 10.4.1, Intel processor. When I tear off a palette, it appears wherever I drag it. Thanks!
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                    j.chernoff Level 1
                    flash 9.0.1115
                    os: win XP
                    air. v1

                    I found that the problem is related to dual screen set ups. On my primary screen this apt works just fine, but on my secondary screen the bugs run ramped.
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                      benbay Level 1
                      in german keyboard, @is on the same location of ctrl q, that may be the reason for closing application.
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                        Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                        We have just released a new version of the kuler desktop, which allows you to import your kuler themes directly into Creative Suite 3 applications (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator). The AIR-Creative Suite connection is made possible by a new technology called SwitchBoard, which you can download and install from Adobe Labs. Select a theme, and click the Save Theme menu to view the CS3 options. Let us know what you think!

                        Get Adobe AIR here
                        Get the new kuler desktop here
                        Get SwitchBoard here