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    Edge reverts to stage when previewing


      This question is for the Edge team: is there any plan to change the behaviour of Edge so that it doesn't revert to the stage when you preview? This sucks up an awful lot of my time. For example, if I have a composition with several nested symbols on the stage such that symbol 3 is inside symbol2 which is in turn inside Symbol1, which is on the stage. Like this:


      Stage > Symbol1 > Symbol2 > Symbol3


      If I want to navigate down to Symbol3, I double-click Symbol1, then double-click Symbol2, then double-click Symbol3. I make some changes to Symbol3 that I want to test, so I hit command-return and it runs in my browser. That's all good, but when I go back to Edge it has closed Symbol2 and Symbol1, and is back at the Stage. Then I have to navigate back to Symbol3 again to make some more changes, test them and... keep doing that until I eventually have things the way I need them or I get sick of double-clicking Symbols.


      I'm aware that I can double-click Symbol3 in the library, but then I lost the context around it. And I still have to keep double-clicking it each time I test.


      I would think that Edge should just stay however I have it when I test. Man, I'd be so happy if it did that! Is nobody else having an issue with this behaviour?


      Looking forward to hearing what you think of this!