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    Zoom in on Images

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      Flash 8 Trial Mode, XP-P, Kinda new to Flash, too.

      I'm using the template Modern Photo Slideshow that came with the trial
      version. Its default stage is 640 x 480, which I need to change to 320 x
      240. I know how to do that, but once I do that, does it resize the rest
      of the template items or do I need to manually do that? If manually, any

      Actually, the controller in this template does not do zooming, and I
      wanted people to be able to zoom in on the vastly reduced in size initial
      image to any point on the much, much larger final zoomed image. I hope
      that makes sense. I see this all the time on various web sites, like

      This template allows autoplay or manually controlling moving between
      images in the gallery. My photos are mostly 3264 x 2448, so there is a
      lot of zooming potential. I also need to add a caption to each photo.
      I'm not seeing how to put this all together. Are there any tutorials on
      this, web sites, etc that can also help? Not knowing all the terminology
      yet makes it hard and time consuming to Google all this. I don't have
      much time to finish this. I know I am never going to get it done by
      tonight. Maybe I should just PayPal someone to do it for me?

      Any help available out there - either in instructions or reasonable price
      for doing it for me and delivering the raw file for me to add the captions?