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    Loader Component

    Melissa Sweeney
      I have a main SWF file that I'm using as the base of my website, I'll call this "MAIN". I'm using the Loader Component in MAIN to call in external SWF files to display content (in the Main_Loader instance of the loader component) according to the navigation button you choose. For example the "Contact Us" button has this ActionScript:
      on (release) {
      this.MainLoader.loadMovie(" http://www.cashcowmedia.com/beacow.swf ");

      So far this is working well! Here's the sticky point for me....I have an external SWF that will load as described above I'll call this SERVICES. In SERVICES swf that is loaded into MAIN there is a link to another external SWF called PORTFOLIO. I want PORTFOLIO to open in place of SERVICES. Meaning I want PORTFOLIO to load in the MainLoader instance of the portfolio on the MAIN page.

      To see what I'm working with click below and hit Services on the navigation, then select the Web Creation and Hosting tab and you'll see the View our Portfolio link at the bottom in grey. I would like when you hit that that the external Portfolio.swf will load into that window.
      Any help would be greatly appreciated. See example