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    Calling method from SWF file wtih javascript, when swf file is not loaded in any browser

    sk0032729 Level 1

      Hi There,


      I have a question regarding flex and javascript integration:


      1. We have created certain components and bundle them in swf. these swf file uses webservice to connect to backend code written in java.

      2. We have deployed swf file and backend on the same tomcat server.

      3. Backend server send some datapoint to UI and plot graph and displyaed to user.

      4. Now if user generate graph from datapoint and want to export it, we are tranferring image of that graph from UI to backend. No issues in this process.

      5. Now the question is. let say user has not open any swf file in browser and backend scheduling job want to generate the graph. How we will connect to swf file.

      6. Is ther any way we can connect or call method of swf from java/jsp/html/javascript code in this scenario without loading swf file in browser??


      Please help me!!!


      Sonu Kumar