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    Inherited image component


      I want an inherited image component (all created child pages inherit from parent page). Currently to do this, I am using an iparsys with an image inside. This works but the page looks very messy as the iparsys creates the additional "Drag components or assets here" box.


      Is there a way to create a inherited image component or get the OOB image component to do this or can you turn off the box "Drag components or assets here" in the iparsys component.

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          Ryan Lunka Level 3

          You shouldn't have to use an Inheritance Paragraph System (iparsys) unless you want very flexible inherited content.  If it's always a single image (even if that image is configurable), you can build your component to inherit.  Look at how some of the standard page properties are implemented.  Some of them like "Design Path" are inherited properties, where if not set the page will traverse up the page tree until it finds the property set.  You can use the method WCMUtils.getInheritedProperty(Page page, ResourceResolver resolver, String name) to accomplish this, by using it to get the image path, alternate text, etc.  Here's the API doc for that WCMUtils class:




          See if that gets you anywhere.