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    Launch failed Flash Builder 4.7


      I install Flash Builder 4.7 beta and I have some trouble. I'll try launch debugger, but he's stop on 57% and later shows me this message:

      The Flash Builder debugger failed to connect to the running application.

      Ensure that:

                1. For in-browser applications, you are running the debugger version of Flash Player.

                2. For network debugging on a mobile device, you have a reliable network connection to the device, and port 7935 is open on your machine's firewall.


      I follow instuctions, and install flash player Flash Player 11.4 content debugger and put into /Applications/Adobe Flash Builder 4.7/player/mac/11.4. Also downloaded playerglobal.swc and replaced /Applications/Adobe Flash Builder 4.7/sdks/4.6.0/frameworks/libs/player/11.1. In Preferences/FlashBuilder/Debug/Standalone Adobe Flash Player I choose path /Applications/Adobe Flash Builder 4.7/player/mac/11.4/Flash Player Debugger.app


      Also I write into -swf-version=17 and choose Use a specific version 11.4.0 but it did't help me



      OS: OSX 10.8.2

      FlashBuilder: 4.7 beta

      FlashPlayer: 11.4.402.265


      This problem was also in FlashBuilder 4.6.


      How to fix it?