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    Best load test software for RTMP application


      Hi everyone,


      I'd like to run some load tests for my application (AIR 3.4, Flex 4.6). I'm using flex messaging protocol RTMP and I was wondering which software could easily (or not) simulate my Producer job and how.

      Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.




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          Have you heard of JMeter ?


          With this tool you can perform:

          • Performance test
          • Robustness test
          • Load test


          It is written in Java by Apache, and allows the testing of HTTP/SOAP requests, and RTMP as well.


          Alternatively, you could have a look at Flazr.


          Hope this helped,




          Sylvain Lecoy

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            Fr3nchK1ss69 Level 1

            Hi Sylvain,


            yes I know a bit of JMeter, I used it briefly a couple of times, but I didn't know it could handle RTMP.

            So far I have functional tests running through SoapUI but the load test features seem limited (even with LoadUI), that's why I'm interested into other software and usage feedback coming with.

            I've never heard about Flazr, I'll check this out too.


            Thanks for the heads up.

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              Hi Fabien,

              Have you heard about NeoLoad from Neotys?

              It is a load testing tool for Web applications. It is very focused on all RIA’s included Flex and RTMP.

              I’m working for the company, and you could think that my opinion is biased here.

              I then invite you to have a try yourself and download the trial version at www.neotys.com.

              It includes all RTMP and Flex capabilities. You’ll see how NeoLoad makes easy the handling of that protocol.

              Our website gives explanation on RTMP load testing, that might be helpful too.

              The last but not the least, we’re Adobe partner. Our tool has been designed accordingly to all RTMP requirements. You can go ahead with confidence.



              Olivier Hanoun.

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                Fr3nchK1ss69 Level 1

                Hi Olivier,


                I'm looking for a free solution at the moment so I can't use NeoLoad. That's why I didn't look at LoadRunner too.

                In the meantime I started using JMeter but unfortunatly it doesn't come with an rtmp sampler. So I created my own sampler and tried to use the RtmpClient class from Flazr.

                The problem is, I don't see how I could use flex messaging with Flarz, i.e. simulate the fire of an AbstractMessage object through the send() function of the Producer over an RtmpChannel... I'll dig more into it but any pieces of advice would be welcomed