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    Setting up hard drives for optimal performance

    scott_mo Level 1

      Hello Adobe Folks.


      I am currently setting up a hard drive configuration for stop-motion animation and video editing. I use Adobe software for everything except capturing the image (I use Dragon for that). A lot of the media I will be working with will be 4K, but I will be cutting on 2K and outputin 2K and less. Below this post is my CPU info.


      I would like to set up my media and scratch disks to have the best performance and was wondering if anyone could suggest some edits to my intended configuration. Possibly there may be settings within the software I can change????


      Here it is:


      Just bought this… (4TB version)

      http://store.apple.com/ca/product/H8338ZM/A/lacie-6tb-2big-thunderbolt-series-raid-hard-dr ive

      It will hold all of my project media and be connected to the iMac via thunderbolt. For now it is RAID 0 mac extended journaled. I am planning on formatting it to ExFAT because I may switch to PC when I upgrade my CPU the next time around. I would like to partition this into two partitions to make it easier to back up to two 2TB hard drives. Will this effect the RAID 0's performance?


      My iOmega (firewire 800) will hold the project files and scratch disks Also ExFAT.


      My iMac HD will run the applications.


      I have 5 2TB 7200rpm HDs that my primary drives will backed up two periodically.





      Screen Shot 2012-10-03 at 8.47.14 AM.png