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    6.02 killed RED footage

    kidtreo Level 1



      Running MBPr 16GB - 750GB - 2.7i7 OSX 10.8.2


      Just updated PP to 6.02 hoping it would solve Export hanging and / or increase Export speed, and instead it killed my RED footage.


      Yes I reinstalled the RED Importer files into the PP bundle, and still no joy.  RED media icons no longer show thumbnails and clips on timeline show yellow "pending" message.


      I deleted media cache files still no joy.


      Any suggestions to this, my primary problem?





      Also, I see in the cuda.txt doc that 650M is supported...does this mean I need to install cudadriver-5.0.17-macos.dmg?


      Also, prior to this derailing, my first render attempt of a fairly complex project went very well (until it hung) rendering most of a 1.5 hr project in approx 3 hrs.


      Every subsequent effort to render has clocked in at 7-10 hrs.  Any suggestions for speed?


      Keep going Adobe...want very much to love PP, but I'm down to the wire on this deadline, and am only making it becuase I haven't slept in 30 hours


      Thanks for any input...