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    Topic templates: Referencing multiple .css files

      Hi there

      I have a topic template set up in RoboHelp HTML that includes references to multiple, alternate style sheets in the <HEAD> section. I then use some javascript links to allow users to change the style sheet when they view the topic in the compiled .chm file. The alternate style sheets are located in the baggage folder in the project.

      In RH 6, creating a new topic with the template correctly updated the paths of the alternate stylesheets in the <HEAD> section, based on the location of the new topic in the help structure.

      However, in RH 7, only the path of the first, default style sheet is updated correctly when the topic is created. The alternate style sheet links do not change based on the location of the topic. Links to other referenced files, such as javascript files and images, are all correct in the new topic.

      Any ideas why this might be happening? Does RH7 not like multiple style sheet declarations in a topic, or is this a problem with links to baggage files in RH7? Obviously, I can manually update the links in the HTML editor after the topic has been created, but I'd prefer not to have to do this each time I create a new topic.

      Any help or ideas would be much appreciated.