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    Can't see the Premiere Pro window after splash


      I've been using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 for a while now with no problems.  Then, all of a sudden, I tried opening it and it went to the splash screen then to the window, but I couldn't see it.  I saw it in the Alt-TAB menu and on the taskbar, but I couldn't focus on it to use it.  Then, if I clicked it on the taskbar, then pressed Enter, it would close.


      I'm wondering if it thinks I'm using two monitors, but I'm only using one and in the Windows "Screen Resolution" menu, it only sees one monitor.  I tried using Windows key+Left Arrow to get it over to the left screen (even though I don't have two screens in the first place), but that didn't work either.  All of the other CS6 programs work.


      I would do a clean install of Premiere, but when I did it last time, I couldn't open any of my old projects anymore!  Something about a incompatible sequence or something.  If somebody can tell me how to open my old projects, by all means, I'll do a clean install.


      I can post a video of what's happening if you want a better description.  That's no problem.


      Thanks for any help you can give me!